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2020 IABC Bronze Quill Winner Website Redesign: "The new site looks great and provides a positive user experience. The work samples, including the planning deck demonstrate how much work and research went into the project. Great job, team!"

Environmental Stewardship: Richland Creek: "The video was very thoughtful and the messaging aligned with its target audience. This is a well-produced video that delivers on all the marks for the intended audience."


Jack Crowder's 50th Work Anniversary: "Great video. Captures the feelings everyone has for Jack and showcases what a treasure he is to his company and all those around him."

Awards of Excellence: Williams

  • 24: Digital Communication - Website Redesign

    • Nicole Nascenzi, Saxum and 10Up​

  • 25: Audio/Visual - Jack Crowder's 50th Work Anniversary

    • Susan Simpson, Paige Cole and Intent Productions​

Award of Merit: Williams

  • 25: Audio/Visual - Environmental Stewardship: Richland Creek

    • Barbara Hasbini, Kasey St. John, Jimmie Hammontree and Intent Productions​

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