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2020 IABC Bronze Quill Winner

TUL Takes U There: "Clear, bold, crisp look and feel with consistent messaging. I really liked the creative use of the airport codes because they are so unique to air travel and well-recognized by even the most novice traveler. The bright colors and bold lettering coupled with the play on the "U" in TUL gave this a very warm and inviting look and feel."


TUL 2019 Media Kit: "Nice upgrade from the previous year. Good work by the in-house team! Great job of increasing your revenue. This is a great example of an outcome-based goal that moves the needle and gives a purpose for the project. Excellent job not only meeting, but far exceeding the goal you set for yourself."

Award of Excellence: Tulsa International Airport

26: Publications- TUL 2019 Media Kit

Award of Merit: Tulsa International Airport

07: Marketing, Advertising and Brand Communication - TUL Takes U There (Tulsa International Airport and TPC Studios​)

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