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OneTDW, Employee-Driven Community Relations: "It's clear that the community is at the heart of the company and its employees. This new system is modern and a nice way for employees to easily track their volunteer hours."

2020 IABC Bronze Quill Winner:

T.D. Williamson

Centennial Celebration #TDW100: "Beautiful imagery, engaging photos. This is a showpiece that employees especially would likely take the time to visit. Clearly a lot of work went into planning these events."

Awards of Merit: T.D. Williamson

  • 24: Digital Communications - Centennial Celebration #TDW100

    • Laura Calderon, Kat Eaton, Noël Freeman, Kelly Green, Kirstin Hood, Emily Perkins, Julie Simmons, Annie Tomecek and Tina Uhren

  • 10: Community Relations - OneTDW, Employee-Driven Community Relations​

    • Andrew Aguirre, Kenneth Anderson, Tod Barker, Chara Bussey, Liz David, Bruze Drechsler, Erica Duran, Noël Freeman, Raymond Gatlin, Justin Hibbard, Kirstin Hood, Anya Loh, Samantha Mitchard, Dmitry Ovsyannikov, Nicole Pratt, Greg Rice, Rachel Sander, Annie Tomecek and Gregory Toth.

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