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Save the Watts Campaign: "Great final product. Love the glow and the giggles. Engaging piece with a creative story. Wow, you've gone above and beyond to understand your audience. The research undertaken was top notch and clearly paved the way for your campaign planning. I love the creative approach to reach customers with a fresh and new take from their utility. It's clear a lot of thought went into the planning of this campaign."

Power Forward with PSO Website Redesign: "This is a beautiful, easy-to-navigate website. It's loaded with information and content of interest to homeowners. You did a great job of achieving impressive results and meeting/exceeding your goals. Nice work."

2020 IABC Bronze Quill Winner:

Public Service Company of Oklahoma

Business Rebate Booklet: "This is a great piece. Very thorough and delivers above expectations.  It's detailed enough that it packs in a ton of information, but organized in a way that's easy to follow. This is a really nice publication. It's a slightly different concept, which is refreshing."

Awards of Excellence: Public Service Company of Oklahoma

  • 07: Marketing, Advertising, Branding - Save the Watts Campaign

    • Jessica Carthen of Public Service Company of Oklahoma, Cubic Creative & Signal Factory

  • 24: Digital Communication - Power Forward with PSO Website Redesign

    • Jessica Carthen & Consumer Programs Team of Public Service Company of Oklahoma

  • 26: Publications - Business Rebate Booklet

    • Jessica Carthen, Mike Kernan, Kerry Rowland, Nonette Surbaugh & Jeff Brown of Public Service Company of Oklahoma & Cubic Creative

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